will return in mid 2017

Her Story

Kim is a passionate Digital Marketer and Foodie. Since moving to Melbourne a decade ago, she has been exploring Melbourne and finds much joy indulging in her culinary journey through cafes and restaurants.

x Startup Entrepreneur – Intertain, Spectablend, Spectacam
x Foodie – Cheese, Wine, Oysters
x Digital Marketer
x Lover of Life, Optimistic Libran
x Aerialist – Hoop, Silks, Rope, Trapeze, Pole
x Ballet, Mountain-Climbing via Ferrata
x Snowboarding Amateur
x Travel & Photography

Between 2005-2009, this blog was commercialised as a lifestyle brand. Media exposures included interviews with Business Radio Channel in 2009, news article mentions in The Star and magazine features on Clive, FHM and Personal Money in Malaysia. Other engagements involved being a blog ambassador for various international brands like Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Sony-Ericsson, Smirnoff, Blackberry, Nestle and more.

So what happened to the old blog entries since Xanga days as “kimfluttersby” from 2002? Old and childish blog entries are meant to be buried deep in the ground.

This website had become a personal social media experiment for digital knowledge which led to Kim’s career path in digital marketing.

Next, she got busy with life and entrepreneurial endeavours but she will be back soon!