10 Signs You’re Addicted to Pole Dancing

This one’s for pole-dancing addicts. 10 signs you’re addicted to pole dancing.

1. You think about pole-dancing when you’re not too focused on your work or carrying out a particular task. You find every opportunity not to miss your class.
2. You start flexing your muscles (biceps especially) in front of the mirror to see how well you have progressed from all the pole-dancing training. More often than not, you’re pleased with your progress.
3. When you see a pole (eg. street sign / post) or even a horizontal bar, you start to think what you would look on the pole in a particular pole trick or stunt and even attempt to do tricks on it.
4. When listening to music, you imagine yourself pole-dancing and think of the possibility of having the song part of your dance routine. When you take it a step further, you wonder if it might be your next Unleashed routine.
5. You have your Facebook profile photo set to a pole-dancing photo of you doing a particular stunt.
6. Your Facebook wall posts are flooded by pole-dancing mates’ status updates about their pole dancing experience because Facebook algorithm recognises what you like to click on, your search interests.
7. You keep dreaming about that pole trick you want to nail someday.
8. You have a local and international pole dance icon.
9. You Facebook, YouTube or Instagram a lot, all pole-dancing related.
10. You get defensive when people tell you it’s a stripper’s dance and you naturally tend to promote the goodness of pole-fitness.

Do you have any to add to this list?


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